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What we do?

Volumetric concrete mixers (also known as 'site mix' concrete trucks) have been around since the mid 1960's but have grown in popularity more recently starting in the 1980's. These mixers carry the raw ingredients for concrete in separate compartments on the truck and they are not combined and mixed to make concrete until the mixer truck arrives on the job site. This differs from traditional drum mixers which combine and mix the materials at the batch plant and on the way to the job site.  These differences in mixing methods give the volumetric mixers much more control over the concrete mixture and ensure a fresh product at every job site location regardless of distance traveled to get there.  Mixing fresh concrete also gives the operator the ability to not only increase slump but decrease slump of concrete at any given point throughout the pour. Making concrete on demand also allows our customers to order an approximate amount of concrete knowing they will only pay for what they use and they are not restricted to the amount they order.

Saturday- April thu November. Hours based on previously scheduled work load, please call ahead.

We deliver concrete and gravel products to homeowners, businesses, and construction contractors. Our methods of delivery allow us to charge the customer only for what they use, rather than what they order. This saves our customers money and time while relieving the stress of making perfect volume calculations for the ordering process. Our goal is to deliver a superior product with superior customer service.