Question: How far in advance should I place an order?

Answer: We recommend 2-3 days advance for ordering , which on average works very well.  However, depending on the work load we may have same day order and delivery available or we may be booked out a week in advance. Place your order as early as possible to ensure you will get a spot in the schedule.

Question: How far away will you deliver?

Answer: We serve Ferry, Stevens, Okanogan and Pend Oreille counties on a daily basis but with our method of mixing we are capable of transporting concrete and rock any distance.

Question: How do I figure out how much concrete or rock I need?

Answer: We deliver concrete and rock in quantities of cubic yards rounded to the nearest quarter yard. Measure the desired area for length, width, and depth. Next convert all measurements to feet (ex. 4 inches is equal to .33 feet). Now that you have your numbers, multiply the width, length and depth then take that product and divide it by 27 (27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard).

Example:  20'x30'x.33'= 198 cubic feet/27= 7.33 cubic yards rounded to 7.5 yards. 

To save time putting pencil to paper visit the concrete volume calculator. Simply enter your measurements and click calculate.

Question: Is all concrete or rock the same?

Answer: No. There are many different mix designs for every type of concrete project as well as different types of rock products for different applications. Please contact us with your project information and we will recommend the appropriate product.

Question: What is air-entrainment and do I need it?

Answer: Air-entrainment is a chemical used in concrete that will be outdoors and susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions.  This chemical puts microscopic air voids in the concrete. This allows trapped water particles to freeze and expand without compromising the concrete. Concrete slabs poured using this chemical  require different finishing methods compared to indoor slabs that do not contain air-entrainment, please give us a call for more information.

Question: What types of things should I be aware of when ordering concrete or rock?

Answer: When ordering concrete we will need to know your measurements or yardage needed and the type of concrete pour or rock application in order to deliver the appropriate product.  We will also need accessible roads to the job site for our trucks to travel on. You, the customer, are responsible for the conditions of the ground or roads our trucks will be traveling as soon as we leave the curb line. If our drivers are not comfortable with traveling on poorly made roads or in conditions that may compromise the truck we may not be able to deliver the product. 

Question: How large are the trucks that will be delivering concrete or rock?

Answer: Please see the bottom of our 'Products'  page under 'Methods of delivery'.

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